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Improvements to our electronic machines for greater efficiency and accessory compatibility

Improvements to our electronic machines for greater efficiency and accessory compatibility

September 29 2023

Changes include updates to our Multicode machine so it can use the latest version of our JMA KEY PRO 2.0 app, and new clamps that are compatible with both the Supracode and Multicode NXT machines.

We are constantly improving our services as part of a firm commitment to offering new opportunities and tools to our customers. We know that our growth depends on their growth, so we have decided to improve two aspects of our electronic key cutting machines: technology and accessories.

A new app to update Multicode

Our Multicode machine will no longer use the JMA KEY PRO app but rather switch over to the latest version - JMA KEY PRO 2.0, the same version that is used by our next-gen MULTICODE NXT electronic machines. 

The first generation of Multicode machines has therefore been upgraded to become more dynamic and offer more features that will make them easier to use. New Multicode features include an option to adjust the operating speed, as well as an improved visual design to make the interface cleaner, more intuitive and more dynamic for users. The app therefore becomes an essential device that accompanies the professional at all times, showing them the steps to follow throughout the key cutting process. 

The new software also includes a way to recover the bitting code for snapped or worn keys via the “cutting tree” feature. Simply enter the key data into the app and the system will return all the possible cutting combinations for the selected product. This is the latest tool from JMA to resolve a common problem faced by professionals.

New clamps that are compatible with Multicode NXT and Supracode

Another major new feature is that the Engraving Clamps Kit for Multicode NXT will also be compatible with Supracode. This further enhances the already outstanding compatibility that exists between Multicode, Multicode NXT and Supracode. 


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